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I might as well be playing Pong [14 Jan 2008|12:29pm]
This going online, going to sleep, going online thing is like obsessively playing Pong. I rip off the blanket covering my window while still in bed and imagine the cats using sunlight to raise their body temperature and feel warmer, like plants use it to make food. It just makes me feel colder.

Last night we went on a very successful dumpster-diving trip, acquiring lots of peppers and tomatoes, some decent strawberries, about a half a dozen loaves of bread and four bottles of delicious, delicious Odwalla juice.

Yesterday I got a call from my temp agency about a receptionist job that lasts six to eight weeks and takes place during "accounting season"--the period before taxes are due to be filed, I guess, so March and part of April and maybe part of February, too. It's eight dollars an hour and the hours are pretty awesome: 2pm-8pm. I just wonder where it is; I can only take jobs that I can bike to. Not that I'm going to get this one, it's far from a sure thing, but if it's not within biking distance I can't even consider it. Also, our lease runs out on April 6th so if it extended beyond that and if I decide that I don't want to keep living in Greensboro, I'd have to find someplace to stay.

Regardless of my concerns it's pretty exciting as I would like to be working as often as possible and saving up money in the last few months before our lease runs out. I still need a job this month, though. I guess I'll have enough money for rent once I get my last paycheck..oh, not really, because I only worked three days. Agh.

This morning I put in my recently-acquired DivaCup for the first time. I couldn't get it to pop open but maybe it'll work alright so long as there's a good seal. It's a lot softer and thinner than the Keeper, which, having only used a Keeper before, is pretty weird. I would compare the Keeper to someone shoving their way through a crowd until they get to an empty space where they can spread out as much as they want, and the DivaCup to someone who only takes up as much space as they need to no matter the circumstances. Despite this unfavorable evaluation of the DivaCup's character, I am not yet decided.

Well, off to make tea and read Zodiac.
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