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[16 Jan 2008|09:01pm]
Tiny cat muscles seizing up as I lift her off of the computer keyboard. I don't have much energy today. Mike and I stole from Earth Fare, drank stolen kefir and read comics at a store where we didn't buy anything. All in all an enjoyable day.


I am ridiculously excited about this. If it does snow, an event I've come, as a result of growing up in South Carolina, to regard as incredibly improbable, it'll be the first time it's snowed this winter. Wonderful wonderful wonderful and it's bound to be a beautiful day. I'll have to set my alarm so I get up fairly early and can enjoy it (and photograph it!) as much as possible.

I guess that's the only important thing about today, and it's something that hasn't even happened yet. I plan on taking in my massive new winter coat in the laziest way imaginable--scissors plus safety pins--and stomping around in the snow with my camera and a half-bottle of red wine. Or gin. Mmm..gin.
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