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[03 Feb 2008|02:13pm]
I've made these three times. The first time they came out absolutely perfect, but the next two they were pretty weird and the batter was crumbly. I realized (I think this is it, anyway) that it's because I didn't follow the instructions the second and third times, instead just mixing the ingredients together all at once. Maybe? I can't really remember what the texture of the dough was like the first time I made them. I should start taking notes when I cook. Treat cooking like lab experiments.

I listened to my voicemail (I am lazy about checking it) and apparently my dad sent me a check. I will be able to finish paying rent and pay at least last month's late charge with that. It's a relief.

I actually feel like listening to 69 Love Songs but am in an okay mood. Strange, strange.
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[03 Feb 2008|08:15pm]
We put peanut butter on everything here. I made a sandwich and realized that it was a peanut butter and tomato one and I didn't realize what a weird combination that was. Agh, I feel sick. Boone always dumpsters potato chips and shit like that and I ate a bunch while trying to decide what REAL food to eat. I was progressively more and more overwhelmed by having houseguests, so that I spent all of today in my room, reading the comic Bone. Now I think I may go for a drive..just around town, aimless, with eventual dumpster-diving. I'll bring my computer so I can listen to the music on here if I get completely sick of the radio.
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