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[20 Feb 2008|08:45pm]
John is overcome with Charlotte love, or something, so he's in his room listening to lots of music I've never heard him listen to before, or it's been so long that I can't remember. Maybe it's a mix CD? Hmm. Jen is in the bathroom for the millionth time today and about to go to Guilford College for a lunar eclipse party. I think I will climb onto the roof to watch it--or maybe the Rape Shack roof. It is a steep, peaked roof, though, so perhaps not a good vantage point from which to watch what I imagine is a very slow process.

I am going to make a chessboard bandana. Cloth is really perfect, better than using a flexible cutting mat for a portable chessboard, as I'd considered before. I would like to make it tonight but I should get permanent fabric markers instead of using paint pens. I am using part of my bedsheet (I use only the fitted sheet, so it's just been sitting in the hall closet).

I've decided to keep Mouseteeth--she will come to South Carolina with me, at least--and give Ishmael to a shelter. These are both cats, in case this is confusing. I'm keeping the record player Boone left here and my bed. I will get rid of Jen's old computer chair, which I've been using as a desk chair, and give John back the beautiful yellow desk he got from Joanna and Barrett. I'm keeping Paul's sleeping bag and tent, which he left here back in early fall and hasn't touched since then, and Mike's sleeping bag, just because it is like a time capsule. He brought it to Bonnaroo last summer and so it smells like dirt and me, Paul, Mike and Jen's sweat. I like that it will likely smell like that for many years to come.

Things between me and John are kind of weird. I don't have anything to say to him and I suppose he has nothing to say to me either.

Taking Jen to Guilford now!
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